Runnin' the Turf

Zero divided by 4

So we’ve decided to give the big leagues a shot. Well maybe not the big leagues, but at least a middle of the run run. That money is lookin pretty sweet right about now, just upgraded my deck so that’ll make this a little easier. But on the downside that isn’t leaving me much room for rec in the monthly’s. Oh got a place to stay for the month. The shower might not always be hot but at least its cleaner water than the streets.

Johnson, is a pretty tall and handsome type. Meet-up at a wine and tapas bar, a little too pretentious for my like but drek it, maybe I’ll get some good food outta the deal.

Facility is in Puyallup, office building with a loading dock. Underground research facility. X778 is the paydata. They really want the research data, have to get into the underground. Standard building security. Building is shut down at night, so maybe 10 security guards. Drones and some more physical/astral security. Access codes will be provided. But elevator to use the codes is’t easy to get into. Can use cleaning crew uniforms. Distractions would create a little red tape if security gets called., Lone Star. They do have a nice evac route tunnel. Tomorrow night.

No concern on how loud. 80k for the research data. Bonus for any physical items of interest, could be substantial.

Little recon, Little work

Got into the game room camera, easy peasy.
Game room, they got some major stuff in here. They’ve got Halon suppression system on that room. Might be useful to stand in front of.

Zach- Nothing wireless, no commlink. Physically jacked into the banks. Not a friendly, was so hoping for an inside man, that don’t seem like it’s gunna happen here.

Mystery Guest- Male elf, armored trench coat, high mandarin collar. pistol, no cyberware. Figured out he was hermeticist mage, that might cause some complications.

Troll is all weaponed up. Panther Assault Cannon, wireless, a damn hard thing to avoid if you’re going in. Cybereyes.

Outdoor patrols, 1 patrols the grounds, 1 on second floor, 2 on first floor, only one goes outside. 15 minute patrol. No one goes into the shed, the guard does get close to it on his rounds. Sort of far away but definitely seeable from where the guard chills out on the back porch. 15 minute cycle. 2 have cybereyes, 2 have goggles, failure on them is a failure on the host.

Midnight, vehicle pulls up. Beijing Bulldog. Changing of the guard, first floor and outside guard changes.

Making a go for the shed, we’ll see what we find in the shed. Some fertilizer, a green liquid and a clear liquid, no labels. Locked in, so hopefully won’t be disturbed.

Let’s see if we can patch in.
In the Host:
Matrix is really large for a building this size, designed like a pagoda village.
Nodes: Security, Data Store, House systems all I notice off the getgo. The data node seems to be pretty extensive and active.
Matrix Security: got 1 snooper ICE. oh Shit, that’s 3. Didn’t notice those on the first go round.
Expert Nosoft is running, watching all the security feeds, just a program. Disabled the program.
House Systems Node: Full smart house, refridge, lights, all fire suppression systems, Maglocks on doors I have access to those doors. External doors.

On hold… more to come next week.

Long time, no see

Got a call from Fizel today, man its been a long time. I can’t wait to get back to work. I really hope he’s got something in mind. I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to hear from Fizel. I mean, I know where to go find him, but if he ain’t got a job he’s kinda useless to talk to, guy’s got bit of an ego problem, pretentious mother-fucker. But he does pay well.

Met a new runner today, big troll magic using guy, Arckunem. He lied to Fizel and said he knew me… or maybe he wasn’t lying and I do know the guy and just don’t remember.

Jobs for 5k nuyen, it ain’t a lot but it’ll get me a quick fix.

Target is a Mercury Express delivery service, distribution center in town. Data server, need some info off it. The file is encrypted, but no need to decript. FIle name AZTARSFIN2077. Have to say that I’m not generally curious but ome on man decrypting is so easy. Few rent a cops, but gotta go take a look before we do it, quick turnaround though, bout 24 hours. Let’s do this.

BTL Jollies

The goal was to get a box, in the next 48 hours. At least that was what they told me. The facility? Sakura Storage Solutions. It ain’ta half bad place, they got some security, mostly from their daddy company, but hey can’t complain too much, I love my Renraku.

So my job? Get these guys some intelligence, because boy are they gunna need it, I mean I guess the troll could just smash his way in, but I like to eat too, gotta pull my weight round these parts. So off to Dorians we went, it was a little skeeze, but the kids there were pretty cute, reminded me of my childhood. Muscle caused a little issue, not sure how Jake managed to schmooze the guy into letting us up, he’s just good with people I guess. I spent 550 on a room and a BTL which incidentally… Am I getting reimbursed for this? Guess I could sell it, something about a wendigo… people are really messed up these days. Who wants to get chased by a fucking wendigo? I mean if I were making a BTL, all about those good highs, maybe if I were chasing the wendigo… but then I’d probably need to be something a bit scarier… oh right, job.

So in I go, gotta love that hot sim feel, like nothing else, pure energy and heat, and the rhythms oh god the rhythms. Quick jump onto the Sakura Server and the real work begins. Some idiot left files open on the admin computer. File? sure but files? come on people you need a little better protocol than that. Couple misteps on grabbing the files, overconfidence maybe, that initial hack was just too easy. So grab the files quick like, not quite quick enough, took one nasty shot of matrix damage, poor deck was pretty fried. But hey I got the goods and got out, all in a days work or somethin.

So picked up the security blueprints, and some energy usage. I think we think we know where the package is, at least we have a hunch. Johnson didn’t seem to suggest otherwise so its what we’re going for. The plan is still a bit loose… I’m not sure I’m good with the battering ram, knock knock on the door, say hello to my package, run, gun and kill plan. But without more information? I sure as hell don’t want to go in it alone.


So it begins

So me and my chummers meet up with the Fiend after the run, collect the cred, and head out into the night. Got nothing in the pantry, so I mention that I was going to need to pass on the post run drinks, and it turns out that the rest of them are in the same boat. Scan ahead to 15 minutes later and we are in the closest Stuffer Shack.

So we in the ‘Shack, doing the shopping thing when the halloweeners walk in looking to make some easy cred. Guns are pulled, and they start demanding the clerk transfer the cred. The clerk starts freaking out, they are getting nervous, and that is when they notice us.

So Dillo finds a corner, and jacks in hotsim to deal with their decker. Servo moves to a blind spot, and I cast a nice little spell that makes it difficult for anyone to touch me. Servo is able to play all meek and pull one in to get knifed, while I play dumb and one gets to close . . . so I hit him with a lightning bolt. That causes the cybered one of them to come my way, and there is shooting and stabbing attempts. When it is all said and done 2 lay dead, 2 have run away, there is a broken deck, and we have the matrix/physical security for what appears to be their hideout.


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