Runnin' the Turf

BTL Jollies

The goal was to get a box, in the next 48 hours. At least that was what they told me. The facility? Sakura Storage Solutions. It ain’ta half bad place, they got some security, mostly from their daddy company, but hey can’t complain too much, I love my Renraku.

So my job? Get these guys some intelligence, because boy are they gunna need it, I mean I guess the troll could just smash his way in, but I like to eat too, gotta pull my weight round these parts. So off to Dorians we went, it was a little skeeze, but the kids there were pretty cute, reminded me of my childhood. Muscle caused a little issue, not sure how Jake managed to schmooze the guy into letting us up, he’s just good with people I guess. I spent 550 on a room and a BTL which incidentally… Am I getting reimbursed for this? Guess I could sell it, something about a wendigo… people are really messed up these days. Who wants to get chased by a fucking wendigo? I mean if I were making a BTL, all about those good highs, maybe if I were chasing the wendigo… but then I’d probably need to be something a bit scarier… oh right, job.

So in I go, gotta love that hot sim feel, like nothing else, pure energy and heat, and the rhythms oh god the rhythms. Quick jump onto the Sakura Server and the real work begins. Some idiot left files open on the admin computer. File? sure but files? come on people you need a little better protocol than that. Couple misteps on grabbing the files, overconfidence maybe, that initial hack was just too easy. So grab the files quick like, not quite quick enough, took one nasty shot of matrix damage, poor deck was pretty fried. But hey I got the goods and got out, all in a days work or somethin.

So picked up the security blueprints, and some energy usage. I think we think we know where the package is, at least we have a hunch. Johnson didn’t seem to suggest otherwise so its what we’re going for. The plan is still a bit loose… I’m not sure I’m good with the battering ram, knock knock on the door, say hello to my package, run, gun and kill plan. But without more information? I sure as hell don’t want to go in it alone.



Ozymandias27 TwoRoads

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