Runnin' the Turf

Little recon, Little work

Got into the game room camera, easy peasy.
Game room, they got some major stuff in here. They’ve got Halon suppression system on that room. Might be useful to stand in front of.

Zach- Nothing wireless, no commlink. Physically jacked into the banks. Not a friendly, was so hoping for an inside man, that don’t seem like it’s gunna happen here.

Mystery Guest- Male elf, armored trench coat, high mandarin collar. pistol, no cyberware. Figured out he was hermeticist mage, that might cause some complications.

Troll is all weaponed up. Panther Assault Cannon, wireless, a damn hard thing to avoid if you’re going in. Cybereyes.

Outdoor patrols, 1 patrols the grounds, 1 on second floor, 2 on first floor, only one goes outside. 15 minute patrol. No one goes into the shed, the guard does get close to it on his rounds. Sort of far away but definitely seeable from where the guard chills out on the back porch. 15 minute cycle. 2 have cybereyes, 2 have goggles, failure on them is a failure on the host.

Midnight, vehicle pulls up. Beijing Bulldog. Changing of the guard, first floor and outside guard changes.

Making a go for the shed, we’ll see what we find in the shed. Some fertilizer, a green liquid and a clear liquid, no labels. Locked in, so hopefully won’t be disturbed.

Let’s see if we can patch in.
In the Host:
Matrix is really large for a building this size, designed like a pagoda village.
Nodes: Security, Data Store, House systems all I notice off the getgo. The data node seems to be pretty extensive and active.
Matrix Security: got 1 snooper ICE. oh Shit, that’s 3. Didn’t notice those on the first go round.
Expert Nosoft is running, watching all the security feeds, just a program. Disabled the program.
House Systems Node: Full smart house, refridge, lights, all fire suppression systems, Maglocks on doors I have access to those doors. External doors.

On hold… more to come next week.


Alright, outside guard is patrolling, seems like he likes to drink a little on the job. Mess around on the Myspace a bit. ohhh and into Dwarf Hotties. Hahahaa this account is hilarious, awww look at that guy’s got a pic of himself coming out the shower. Bet he stays covered up for a reason. Anyways he’s stunned and outta it. Got 15 minutes before he should be checking in again.

Still got 2 on the main floor, 1 is asleep, other seems to like the midnight snack thing. Got him out, on to guard #2. man these guys are easy to knock out. Got in, looks like we got the package. On their way out the front.

On Zach’s link. Couple of e-mails, pretty cleared out commlink for a guy who’s got so much security on it. no deck in his room that they could find though. At least he’s out. Used the Halon system on the mage, maybe he’ll stay out.

Street sam wants the gun, but hell at this point we got the guy if we lose 2 more pay for me and the rigger. Welp they woke the troll. Time for me to grab some data. They got a lotta stuff on bitter space in here, just gotta grab it all I guess, not quite enough space for everything, I’ll take what I can get.

15k total for the run. got 5k for the data. Dillo doing some epic negotiating. 200 on the guards, another 20k from Zach. Thanks man, I hope you enjoy making games, or whatever they have you do.

8,800 a piece. Nice payday.

Little recon, Little work
Ozymandias27 TwoRoads

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