Runnin' the Turf

Long time, no see

Got a call from Fizel today, man its been a long time. I can’t wait to get back to work. I really hope he’s got something in mind. I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to hear from Fizel. I mean, I know where to go find him, but if he ain’t got a job he’s kinda useless to talk to, guy’s got bit of an ego problem, pretentious mother-fucker. But he does pay well.

Met a new runner today, big troll magic using guy, Arckunem. He lied to Fizel and said he knew me… or maybe he wasn’t lying and I do know the guy and just don’t remember.

Jobs for 5k nuyen, it ain’t a lot but it’ll get me a quick fix.

Target is a Mercury Express delivery service, distribution center in town. Data server, need some info off it. The file is encrypted, but no need to decript. FIle name AZTARSFIN2077. Have to say that I’m not generally curious but ome on man decrypting is so easy. Few rent a cops, but gotta go take a look before we do it, quick turnaround though, bout 24 hours. Let’s do this.


Job came through okay, a bit of a tough time in the matrix, I feel like I might have gotten a little rusty. but after a few things swung back my way. Troll proved to be pretty useful in a pinch. Nice use of some magic helped us stay pretty under the radar. Definitely not the smash and grab with me and the back of the van that I’m used to. Little bonus candy on the side, tryin to sell it on the boards, Ares shit gotta be worth somethin…

Long time, no see
Ozymandias27 TwoRoads

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