Runnin' the Turf

So it begins

So me and my chummers meet up with the Fiend after the run, collect the cred, and head out into the night. Got nothing in the pantry, so I mention that I was going to need to pass on the post run drinks, and it turns out that the rest of them are in the same boat. Scan ahead to 15 minutes later and we are in the closest Stuffer Shack.

So we in the ‘Shack, doing the shopping thing when the halloweeners walk in looking to make some easy cred. Guns are pulled, and they start demanding the clerk transfer the cred. The clerk starts freaking out, they are getting nervous, and that is when they notice us.

So Dillo finds a corner, and jacks in hotsim to deal with their decker. Servo moves to a blind spot, and I cast a nice little spell that makes it difficult for anyone to touch me. Servo is able to play all meek and pull one in to get knifed, while I play dumb and one gets to close . . . so I hit him with a lightning bolt. That causes the cybered one of them to come my way, and there is shooting and stabbing attempts. When it is all said and done 2 lay dead, 2 have run away, there is a broken deck, and we have the matrix/physical security for what appears to be their hideout.


Very nice Ken! Love the IC perspective on this

So it begins
Ozymandias27 proteus9mm

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