Runnin' the Turf

Zero divided by 4

So we’ve decided to give the big leagues a shot. Well maybe not the big leagues, but at least a middle of the run run. That money is lookin pretty sweet right about now, just upgraded my deck so that’ll make this a little easier. But on the downside that isn’t leaving me much room for rec in the monthly’s. Oh got a place to stay for the month. The shower might not always be hot but at least its cleaner water than the streets.

Johnson, is a pretty tall and handsome type. Meet-up at a wine and tapas bar, a little too pretentious for my like but drek it, maybe I’ll get some good food outta the deal.

Facility is in Puyallup, office building with a loading dock. Underground research facility. X778 is the paydata. They really want the research data, have to get into the underground. Standard building security. Building is shut down at night, so maybe 10 security guards. Drones and some more physical/astral security. Access codes will be provided. But elevator to use the codes is’t easy to get into. Can use cleaning crew uniforms. Distractions would create a little red tape if security gets called., Lone Star. They do have a nice evac route tunnel. Tomorrow night.

No concern on how loud. 80k for the research data. Bonus for any physical items of interest, could be substantial.


Ozymandias27 TwoRoads

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