Fizel the Fiend

A totally reputable fence. You should introduce him to your sister since he's such a stand-up guy.


Fizel “the Fiend” is a Fixer who resides and operates out of the Woodlands Park portion of the Barrens. He looks to be in his mid 30’s, with a solidly receding hairline and dark curly hair. He is skinny to a striking extent, and has a large nose and bushy eyebrows. He tends to wear armored clothing everywhere, clothing always cut in a style several decades out of date. He favors metallic looking colors and fabrics and bright silk shirts, usually unbuttoned at least halfway down. He can often be found at the Deus Ex Machina or at Al’s Bar, and you’ve noticed that when nervous he tends to schedule meets at BludHammer. His Matrix persona is a version of himself, but with long Fabio-esque blonde hair, an almost cartoonishly muscular physique, and a cheap spray-on tan. When at clubs and not on particular meets, he can often be found enjoying some variety of sweet-tasting and brightly colored synthahol beverage and often in the company of at least one or two young prostitutes.

You aren’t sure, but you get the feeling that he gave himself the nickname “the Fiend.” You’ve never known him to do any dirty work himself, but he still knows plenty of people willing to do brutal harm, and many of them probably owe him favors.

Fizel the Fiend

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